I've been in Boston all week, and I'm happy to say I have been having a very productive week. Along with locking in a week full of healthy eating and routine exercise, I have been creating content and getting my creative juices flowing. I'm sure you can all agree, but I feel the most happy when I am productive and working toward something. Writing these blog posts is actually relaxing for me. My brain is always thinking, and having a place to share my thoughts is helpful. Not to mention I think I have a lot of positive / informative things to share :)

Anyways, I really wanted to get in a photoshoot this week. I contacted Greg, who is a photographer in the Boston area I have been wanting to shoot with. This morning, we went to Nahant Beach. I don't have a car, fortunately Greg did. Just beyond Nahant Beach, there is this place called Castle Rocks. I am a summer baby, and I am the happiest at the ocean. Therefore, shooting at the beach & the ocean is always very therapeutic for me. I don't have the beach photos yet - but below are photos from my camera at Castle Rocks!

If you are in the Boston area I highly recommend checking this location out! Be aware of the lack of parking though.