I moved to NYC last March to pursue my dream of becoming a model. Part of this process is to lose weight so my measurements are in line with industry standards and to better my chances of being successful. 

I have always worked out on my own, but I knew I needed more help to drop weight (which I have never done in my entire life). I was at my gym in Boston (BSC) and was offered a free training session. I happily accepted the offer and was looking forward to learning things about my body and exercise that I was missing.

So, I just completed the session and feel great. Come to find out, I was doing a lot of things wrong or not at all. I agreed to train 8 sessions with my new trainer, who was excited and confident to get my body where it needs to be. I knew I needed help in the fitness department, but didn't really know where to turn to. My trainer and I discussed the way we were going to work out and use muscles I haven't been using to tone and tighten and maintain a lean frame vs getting big/bulky. 

Losing this 10 lbs has been a challenge for me and it is a big thing holding me back with modeling. The stars seem to have aligned with the universe granting me this trainer. I am looking forward to finally achieving the results I so badly need! 


I will be sharing the exercises I learn and how they help your body!