HEALTHY gut & skin friendly Breakfast OR Dessert

I am an all-time lover of desserts-cakes & baked goods are my actual weakness. Because these desserts are so special, they should only be consumed on occasion - like maybe once a week :) We all crave something after dinner, lets be honest, but there are other ways to satisfy those cravings than to have to eat something regretful. My new 'go-to' post dinner has been fruit - apples, bananas, berries, fresh figs, and maybe some nut butter & cinnamon. I also highly recommend GHIRARDELLI dark chocolate squares. They are very satisfying and dark chocolate is full of antioxidants!

I spent this past weekend in Maine with my food-lover best friend, so you can assume we indulged a bit (donuts, award-winning ice cream, and the best pancakes in the game). Once I got home, I needed to consume cleansing, easy-to-digest meals. I recently jumped on the 'bone-broth' train, which I learned about from the wonderful, Dr. Axe. Bone Broth powder contains the essential protein, Collagen. Collagen production in our bodies decreases as we get older, so adding it into our daily diet is an important way to maintain skin, gut, and metabolism health, among others! Because I am pursing a career in modeling, the health of my skin is an essential aspect to my career - which is initially why I bought the Bone Broth Collagen Powder. Check out this article on Bone Broth Collagen Powder to learn more!

After eating a dinner packed full of veggies & quinoa, I created this recipe that works for both breakfast and dessert! 


-PLAIN non-fat greek yogurt

-1 tablespoon VANILLA bone broth collagen powder

-fresh figs


-coconut flakes

optional add-ins: cinnamon, berries, chocolate chips, granola, or nut butter

The VANILLA bone brother powder makes the plain yogurt sweet without adding a ton of sugar, nearly none at all! It's creamy, healthy, and satisfying! Also, fresh figs & berries are one of the top foods that fight aging. The probiotics in the plain yogurt are essential for gut health! So many wins in this little bowl!!